Pleasley couple cherish golden anniversary

Ivan and Janet Alvey
Ivan and Janet Alvey

Never going to bed on an argument has helped Pleasley couple Ivan and Janet Alvey celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

The couple held a party at the White Swan pub in the village on the special day - 21 December - having enjoyed a family meal at the Hostess in Sookholme the week before.

Ivan, 71, originally from New Houghton, met Janet, 69, when he stayed at his sisters on the same Shirebrook street.

They married at the Congregational Church in Shirebrook and moved to Pleasley soon after their wedding, with the family home costing £2,100.

“I remember my dad going ballistic at me because it was so much money back then,” said Janet. “To pay the mortgage was a whole week’s wages.

“We never went to bed on an argument and Ivan never went to work without saying bye and giving me a kiss.

“We have always enjoyed doing things together, including walking and holidaying, and we try to stay as active as we can.”

Ivan, a member at Rawthorne Lane Angling Club, worked at Shirebrook and Pleasley pits from the age of 15 to 50 and then at Dale Engineering before retiring.

Janet worked for Prew-Smith’s hosiery factory in Bolsover and later Savers in Mansfield. They have three children and six grandchildren.

Ivan said: “I remember the day we got married well. It was cold, but it was clear and a nice day.

“We went on our honeymoon to Blackpool for a week and palled about with four lads who were in the RAF.”