Pleasley man’s vote fight remembered

Graham Allen MP is keen to encourage people to get out and vote.
Graham Allen MP is keen to encourage people to get out and vote.

A Pleasley man whose name was etched in history over the fight for voting rights was remembered at the weekend on the anniversary of his death.

John Armstong was hanged along with two others - Wollaton’s George Beck and Nottingham’s George Hearson -on 1st February 1832.

They were sentenced to death after trouble flared in the county, including attacks on Colwick Hall, mills at Beeston and Nottingham Castle.

MP Graham Allen made a short speech on the steps of Shire Hall of Nottingham’s Lace Market - the site of the gallows for the executions.

The Nottingham North representative highlighted Armstrong’s story in a bid to get more people to vote in the next general election, which will be called this year or next.

“I get very annoyed when these kind of sacrifices were made for the working man and woman and yet there are people who say they cannot be bothered,” he said.

“These young men were basically plucked out from a whole host of people and made examples of - all because there had been petitions and meetings and attempts to get the vote for more people.”

Mr Allen added: “To me it shows people should be bothered and it shows it’s not just in South Africa in other places around the world but here as well that there’s been a fight for democracy.

“It’s happened on our own doorstep and some people may find these people in their family trees only five generations ago.”