Poetic justice as writer joins Bulwell Academy

MANY a student at Bulwell Academy may be a poet and not know it.

Urban writer Deborah Stevenson has been recruited as the academy’s poet in residence to encourage the young people to explore their creative side by writing and publishing their own odes.

The project is all part of the First Story programme, which highlights literacy as the foundation of all other subjects, while at the same time proving that the English language can be fun and engaging.

Deborah was chosen because of her contemporary approach to creative writing, which appeals to and resonates with young people. In response, Deborah has learned about the positive new approaches to literacy being developed at the academy.

The academy’s head of English, Carla Quarless, who is leading the project, said: “Deborah has been a fantastic influence on the students and has really helped improve their confidence with the English language.

“The way she communicates her craft embodies Bulwell Academy’s vision that there are many paths to success. She proves that poetry isn’t restricted to Byron and Tennyson but can relate to youth culture and be accessible to all.”

As part of the programme, 30 academy students visited Oxford’s Broughton Castle to take part in a creative-writing workshop and they produced work which included a series of ‘split-personality poems’.