Pole-dancing bash to raise cash for cancer-sufferers

Pole fitness school
Pole fitness school

A POLE-dancing demonstration will take centre stage during an innovative fundraising event in Hucknall.

The dancing will be on show at The Empire social club and pub, off Beardall Street, on Thursday June 9.

Money raised will be in aid of Cancer Research UK as part of a long-running charity drive by Hucknall man John Wright, of Shortwood Avenue.

Mr Wright and his wife, Shirley, have raised thousands of pounds for the cause from various events, the biggest of which is entering a squad called Team Chaos into the Relay For Life. This annual event involves teams being sponsored to run or walk around a track in relay for 24 hours in memory of those who have lost their battle against cancer.

This year’s renewal is at the Harvey Hadden Stadium in Bilborough on Saturday July 2 and Sunday July 3. But traditionally, teams stage a succession of fundraising events in the lead-up to the relay. This is where the pole-dancing night comes in.

The wife of John’s nephew, Kirsty Wright, a new member of Team Chaos, takes part in a fitness pole-dancing class with her sister, Sam. They approached their teacher, Nicola Martin, and fellow students, about doing an exhibition. They agreed and are working on a series of breathtaking routines. Audience members will also be able to have a go.

Empire owner Richard Darrington, who is a long-time supporter of Team Chaos, has provided the venue for free and is also supplying a major prize for a raffle.