Police action to stop speeding cars

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Police in Ashfield are cracking down on speeding motorists in the district, focusing on hotspots where lives are potentially being put at risk by unsafe driving.

Officers have been carrying out speed enforcement around Sutton throughout January and have been using cameras to catch vehicles travelling above the speed limit.

Streets that have been targeted include Mansfield Road - where speeds of up to 44 mph have been recorded - Priestsic Road - where 46 mph was recorded - Lammas Road - where a top of speed of 43 mph was seen - and Redbarn Way - where 47 mph was recorded.

All of these roads are subject to 30 mph speed limits.

Insp Andy Clarke told Ashfield District Council’s Sutton area committee last week: “We will continue to focus on speeding, with other action days planned in until the end of April.”

Insp Clarke added that the force is using information received from the public about when the speeding problem is at its worse at particular locations and then plans its action accordingly.

“We are trying to be in the right place at the right time for maximum impact,” he said.

Coun Jason Zadrozny said that residents living on the streets around Redbarn Way have come to him with serious concerns about speeding along that road.

He said that residents have had cars come off the road into their gardens and some have even had to install strong metal boundary fences to protect their properties.

“We have had cars touching the front wall of the house,” said Coun Zadrozny, labelling the problem ‘significantly dangerous’.

During the meeting the committee also decided to look into the setting up of a community speed watch in Sutton. Co-ordinated by the police, this would see volunteers monitoring motorists’ speed, use of mobile phones and seat belt use.