Police appeal to help beat Hucknall burglars

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Police are appealing for help following a spate of nine break-ins in the Hucknall area - the majority of which took place in homes that had been left unlocked.

Detective Inspector Rich Monk, of Ashfield CID, said: “Some of the victims were asleep in their houses at the time. We are working hard to catch these criminals but we also need your help to prevent these crimes.”

Officers are urging you to get into the habit of locking the door after yourself, even if you are going out again later. Reduce your chances of becoming a victim by making sure thieves can’t get in.

Don’t leave anything on show or in obvious places in your home or your car - This just tempts would-be thieves.

Install outside security lights and burglar alarms and make sure they are switched on.

DI Monk added: “Make sure that you close your downstairs windows before going to sleep. This is something people often forget to do during the hot summer months.

“If your home or car is insecure it may have an impact on your insurance.

“If you see anyone acting unusually in your area please call us. Many of these crimes take place overnight and we need people to be vigilant.”

If you have any information call us on 101 or call 999 if you see a crime in progress.