Police car in smash near car-boot field

A POLICE car was involved in a crash with two other vehicles on the Annesley bypass, which is a notorious accident-blackspot.

The Ford Focus was in collision with a Nissan Micra car and a Peugeot car at 8.35 am on Thursday last week.

The crash happened near the entrance to a field where a car-boot sale is held every week at the Hucknall end of the A611 road.

A police officer suffered minor injuries and was taken to King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Two of the occupants of the other cars also suffered minor injuries, including cuts and bruises.

They are both in their 50s.

An ambulance was called, and paramedics gave treatment at the scene.

It is understood that other than the police officer, no-one else needed to be taken to hospital.

In an eyewitness account, Dispatch reader Darren Yarnold said: “I was directly behind the police car as I pulled out to follow it from the island at the top of Hucknall bypass on to Annesley bypass.

“On the corner, there was a clear road-sign, visible to all, that queues were likely.

“The queues are there every Thursday due to the car-boot sale on the farmer’s field.”

He added: “The police car accelerated with myself behind. Knowing this road, especially on a Thursday, I steadied my speed to about 45mph.

“The police car was seven-to-eight car-lengths in front of me when I noticed a stationary vehicle at the entrance to the field. The police car collided with the vehicle at some speed.”

Mr Yarnold said the damage to the front of the police car was extensive and the occupants of one of the other vehicles “seemed very shaken and obviously disturbed”.

A spokesman for the police confirmed that the crash had taken place and that a full investigation was under way.

Anyone who witnessed the accident is asked to ring officers on 0300 3009999.

Alternatively, call the free and confidential Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555111.