Police Commissioner is Rotary Club speaker

A SENSIBLE alcohol policy, crime reduction in young people and improving communication in communities are the three main priorities outlined by Nottinghamshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner.

Former Hucknall MP Paddy Tipping was speaker at the town’s Rotary Club this week when he revealed the areas of interest in his new role as elected Commissioner.

During his meet and greet with Rotary members, Mr Tipping also talked about the election that put him in the top post where he has now served for three months.

“Paddy gave a fascinating account of his responsibilities and vision for the task ahead,” said club president, Ian Young.

“He outlined the difficulties surrounding the election including the low turn-out which suggested public apathy,” added Ian. “He explained that he is hoping to overcome this by talking and engaging with the public.”

Mr Tipping compared election canvassing as an MP to 42,000 households in his old constituency to the 800,000 in the county for the commissioner elections.

“Paddy also revealed that in his first week in office his department received more letters than were received in the last year by the old Police Authority.”

Mr Tipping is a familiar figure in Hucknall since his term in office as MP and Ian put his success in the Commissioner elections down to his popularity as a devoted MP.

“Paddy is a committed public servant and although he has set himself some tough targets to achieve, if anyone can do it he can,” added Ian.

The Rotary members put some questions to the Commissioner at the end of his talk.

One question referrred to the disbanding of the police’s mounted section and whether it could be re-introduced.

However, Mr Tipping explained the cost of this, at £420,000, and asked whether this was the best way to meet the demands of the tightening budget.

“He explained the balance he is trying to achieve in getting more officers on the beat with a reduced budget,” added Ian. “He added that one of the best ways to manage this was by forces joining together some of their resources and having a broader view on policing.

“Paddy continues to be a very approachable character and intends to maintain the links with his contacts and make new ones in the community.”

If you would like to contact Paddy Tipping visit www.nottinghamshire.pcc.police.uk/Home.aspx.