Police discovered drugs on Bulwell man

A man arrested at a pub in Hucknall town centre was later found to be carrying a knife and an amount of cocaine, a court was told.

The items came to light when the man -- James McLaughlin (22), of Grindon Crescent, Bulwell -- was strip-searched at Mansfield police station.

McLaughlin pleaded guilty at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court to having an offensive weapon and a quantity of cocaine on Thursday 8th August.

The court was told that he was arrested at The Chequers on High Street on an unrelated matter, details of which were not given.

Dan Pietryka (prosecuting) said a packet of cocaine fell out of McLaughlin’s trousers while he was being searched by police officers.

The officers then found a locking knife clipped to his boxer shorts between his legs.

Omar Khan (defending) said McLaughlin had found the knife and decided to keep it for when he went fishing. The drugs were for personal use.

“There was no real threat and no danger posed to anyone,” said Mr Khan. “This was simply a search. There was no hostility.”

However, the chairman of the Bench told McLaughlin they “very concerned at people carrying offensive weapons”.

The case was adjourned for a probation report to be prepared on the defendant.