Police incident causing traffic delays in Hucknall

Picture courtesy of Mr Banner
Picture courtesy of Mr Banner

Police are still on the scene of an incident in Hucknall which is causing traffic delays.

Officers from Nottinghamshire Police were called to a report of a vehicle blocking Portland Road at 1.50pm today (October 18).

A police spokesman said the car's handbrake seems to have failed, and the vehicle rolled into the road.

Officers are currently on the scene.

No injuries were caused, which a resident said was 'surprising'.

He added: "It seems as though the car rolled down the hill on Woodstock street and crashed into another parked car on Portland road opposite Woodstock street.

"Building work is taking place at the bottom of Woodstock street and it's surprising no body was hurt.

"I was with my wife and son just parked 20ft from the car that crashed.

"Vehicles had to try and get round the car by mounting the opposite pavement."