Police release picture of Kirkby pub brawl brother jailed for 12 months

Curtis Parr
Curtis Parr

Police have released this picture of Curtis Parr, a man with a history of violent crime who along with his brother kicked and punched a man in a drug and alcohol-fuelled fight outside a Kirkby pub.

The pair were sentenced ogether with a friend who tried to bribe a landlord into destroying CCTV evidence.

Curtis and Tyson Parr appeared at Nottingham Crown Court alongside Philip Brogdale after the sustained and vicious assault outside the Nag’s Head pub on December 7.

Curtis Parr, 33 of Westbourne Road and Tyson Parr, 29 of Laburnum Avenue, Kirkby previously pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and Brogdale, 35 of Broomhill Court, Sutton admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The judge Recorder Boydell watched CCTV footage of the fracas which developed after a drunken night out ended in violence between the brothers a woman and two other men.

Tyson Parr a father of three had drunk 20 pints and snorted cocaine in the hours leading up to the assault described as ‘a moment of insanity’, the court heard.

Blows were traded between his brother and the man, named in Court as Mr Scott, ending in Curtis knocking him to the ground.

Then the court heard, Tyson repeatedly kicked and rained punches on the man and then returned to kick him as he lay injured on the floor.

The man who was taken to King’s Mill Hospital suffered cuts and bruises and a misaligned jaw.

He refused to assist the police in their enquiries. He also admitted taking cocaine and drinking before the incident.

The court heard that Brogdale later went to the pub and spoke to the publican, offering him £2,000 to wipe the CCTV evidence.

The landlord refused and also refused when the offer was increased to £3,000.

The publican told police Brogdale had told him not to ‘mess around’ with the people involved, which he had taken as a threat.

By that time the police had already seen the footage.

The court heard Curtis Parr had a history of convictions including violence, robbery and intimidation of witnesses.

Tyrone Parr had a previous conviction for assault.

Both appeared in custody under licence, as did Brogdale.

Defending, Simon Eckersley said Mr Scott had not been a victim and he had thrown unprovoked punch at Curtis Parr.

Both brothers had initially acted as peacemakers dragging others away from the developing fight.

He said Curtis had gone out on his first night out in years as he had been traumatised by an attempted murder on himself for which a man had been jailed.

He said Brogdale had been joking when he made the bribe attempt on the landlord and it had not been meant seriously.

Sentencing Brogdale to eight months, Recorder Boydell told him: “If you had succeeded in your attempts to pervert the course of justice I would not have seen vital evidence. You need not have become involved in this at all. We take this extremely seriously which is reflected in your sentence.”
He sentenced Curtis Parr to 12 months imprisonment taking into account his criminal record and the fact he was on license

Tyson Parr was given a 14 months suspended sentence and ordered to undertake 100 hours unpaid work.