Police test for booze in Sutton kids’ soft drinks

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Checks to reveal if soft drinks being carried by young people aged under 18 contain alcohol have been carried out by PCSOs in Sutton-in-Ashfield over recent weeks.

Using alcohol test strips provided by the area’s Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP), officers have stopped young people at a range of locations where alcohol-related anti-social behaviour (ASB) has occurred in the past.

Adding alcoholic drinks such as vodka, which is difficult to detect by smell, to fizzy drinks is often used by underage youngsters to hide the fact they are drinking illegally.

But none of the tests carried out in recent weeks returned a positive result.

Commenting on the result, Safer Neighbourhood Police Sergeant Dean Dakin said: “We are very pleased that no young people were found to be carrying alcohol in the bottles tested.

The strips are one of many tactics at the CAP’s disposal that have contributed to the recent decline in alcohol-related ASB in and around Sutton town centre.

“Police and other CAP partners will continue to use the strips as they provide us with a clear means of detection which discourages young people from disguising alcohol as a soft drink.”

Sutton-in-Ashfield Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) exists to tackle underage drinking and the anti-social behaviour associated with it.

The CAP operates by bringing together alcohol retailers, licensees and local service-providers such as the district council, health providers and the police.

Advice, guidance and materials are provided and shared to deliver a tailored response to underage alcohol misuse in the area.