Police use of Tasers doubles in five years

The use of Tasers by Nottingham Police has more than doubled in the past five years new figures have revealed.

The police electro-shock weapons were used 103 times in the 12 months from July 2013-2014 compared to 51 times when they were introduced to specially trained units in 2009.

Statistics revealed by the Home Office reveal Tasers were actually fired 10 times.

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Subjects were ‘red dotted’ 22 times and cases where the weapon was drawn for potential use accounted for 13.

The devices were aimed once and arced once without being used.

Tasers can generate 50,000 volts, but the Association of Chief Police Officers says that, when travelling across the human body, that drops to a peak of 1,200.

Authorised firearms officers have been using Tasers since 2004.

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Figures released by the Home Office showed stark differences in the number of times the weapons were used, relative to the size of the force.

A detailed breakdown of figures in the first six months of this year showed the weapons were used twice for every 100 officers in Nottinghamshire.

In Staffordshire they were used 10 times per 100 officers and in Humberside 11.

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