Polish camp for town’s guiders

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GIRLGUIDES from Hucknall swapped their traditional camp fire bangers for savoury sausage and sauerkraut when they went on an international summer camp in Poland.

The 10 day camp saw a group of 14 adventurous youngsters from across Nottinghamshire join hundreds of other Guides, Scouts and Rangers from Poland, Russia, Serbia and Germany for the ‘Drop into Poland’ trip.

It was Hucknall Guider Helen Chadwick and assistant Guider Nicola Wilson from Gedling who led the group as part of the UK contingent.

The lucky few were chosen during a rigourous selection weekend held last September when the girls had to demonstrate they had the experience and confidence to camp overseas.

“It was an amazing and unforgettable experience,’ said Guider-in-Charge Helen Chadwick. “After spending one night at home in a proper bed, taking a hot shower and using a flushing toilet, we all wanted to go back to camp.

“It was a great opportunity for everyone to learn from each other, experience life and culture in Poland, and form life-long friendships.”

An international camp takes place every four years with a different country hosting the event each time.

For details on leadership and international opportunities for Girlguiding Nottinghamshire members should visit www.girlguidingnottinghamshire.org.uk or contact county headquarters via secretary@girlguidingnottinghamshire.org.uk.

n OUR PHOTO shows the Guides on their trip