Fed up Hucknall man tells MP and council leader to stop 'petty' squabbling over car park health centre plan

A Hucknall man has demanded that town MP Mark Spencer and Ashfield District Council leader Jason Zadrozny stop bickering and start working together to deliver a new health centre for the town.

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 4:20 pm

Matthew Genn has also questioned the decision to build the centre on part of Piggins Croft car park in the town, saying other sites should be considered.

Mr Genn said: “I’ve seen the coverage of the funding argument between Mark Spencer and Jason Zadrozny and I just think it’s really petty.

“Hucknall needs a new health centre so let’s get it done.

Matt Genn wants the politicians to stop arguing and focus on delivering the new health centre for Hucknall

“I’ve emailed both of them about it and I also asked why it’s being built on the car park.

“It’s just been resurfaced so it seems daft to dig that up again to put in a new building and lose car parking for space for the town.

“There’s the old police station on Watnall Road or the new development at Top Wighay Farm: Have either of those been considered?”

Mr Spencer said: “I absolutely agree that Hucknall is in dire need of this health centre.

“I honestly would love to be able to work with the council on this matter but for this to happen, we need them to be completely open and honest.

“In the spirit of co-operation, I would like to invite Coun Zadrozny to respond to my original correspondence and we can open up a dialogue and get this moving.

“Turning to the location, I do not think that Piggins Croft would be the best site for the centre and I hope that we can look into alternatives, such as the ones suggested by Mr Genn.

“I really hope that the council can be open and honest – then we can work together for the benefit of Hucknall.”

Coun Zadrozny said: “I agree these ongoing rows with Mr Spencer are not helpful but at no point have they been instigated by any members of the Ashfield Independents or I.

“We have been reacting to inflammatory, untrue public comments made by Mr Spencer.

“The proposed location of this health centre is centrally located in a car park that is rarely full.

“We are deliberately proposing a two or three-storey health centre to minimise the amount of spaces Hucknall will lose.

“The main reason the car park was resurfaced was in preparation for our new health centre.

“It has enabled us to sort the utilities out and create a new, safe rear entrance to the car park near Wilkos.

“With regards to the old police station on Watnall Road, this is currently on the market for £1million, while the council owns the land at Piggins Croft.

“Apart from the capital cost of buying the old police station, locating the centre off Watnall Road would be prohibitively expensive.

“With regards to Top Wighay Farm, providing health services here is something we have suggested time and time again, but the Conservatives, who run the county council, don’t seem to be interested.

“We will continue to push them because we feel that any health services located on Top Wighay Farm should complement a new health centre in the heart of Hucknall, not replace it.”