Here are the candidates in the Hucknall and Newstead seats for next week's local elections

Next week the voters of Hucknall and Newstead head to the polls to cast their votes for who they want to represent them at Nottinghamshire County Council.

By John Smith
Monday, 26th April 2021, 7:48 pm

In what have been unprecedented times, dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, voters will be giving their judgement on how they feel councillors, both as collective council and individually within the wards they represent, have handled the crisis and how they have helped and supported people affected.

Healthcare and the economy will be two of the biggest talking points in this election as voters will want to know how the council, working with government, is going to help many businesses and individuals who have lost work as a result of the pandemic, get back on their feet.

Care for the elderly and social care of the most vulnerable in society – two groups that have been in sharp focus throughout the pandemic – will also be another big factor in deciding many people’s vote.

Who will get your vote in next week's Nottingham County Council elections?

As well as healthcare and the economy, issues such as council tax, crime, social care, education, employment, public transport and the environment will also be important.

Potholes and the state of the county’s roads is another hot topic for this election, along with concerns on local housing.

Although the focus is on county rather than country, local elections are still important barometers nationally, particularly for the opposition parties, as the results will also give an indication of how popular the parties are

For new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and new Liberal Democrats leader Sir Ed Davey, this is a first test of how well they are – or aren’t – doing in their bid to win back voters from the Conservatives.

The Conservatives were awarded a large majority nationally at the last general election but will disenchantment with the the government in some parts in the wake of its handling of the Covid crisis now be reflected in a change of mood at the local ballot box next week?

Here are the 15 candidates standing for the seats in the Dispatch area this time.

Hucknall North

Pat Ayres – Labour

Martin Howes – Liberal Democrats

Kevin Rostance – Conservatives

John Willmott – Ashfield Independents

Hucknall South

Ria Cash – Labour

James Harvey – Liberal Democrats

Jan Lees – Conservatives

Lee Waters – Ashfield Independents

Hucknall West

Phil Rostance – Conservatives

David Shaw – Ashfield Independents

Stephen Taylor – Labour


Chris Barnfather – Conservatives

Matthew Spurr – Labour

John Sutherland – Liberal Democrats

Margret Vince – Green

How we all voted last time

The Conservatives emerged as the largest party after the last elections in 2017, taking 31 seats to Labour’s 23 with the Ashfield Independents in third with five.

In the Dispatch area, it was the Conservatives who won all four seats available.

But will that be the case again this time?

Here is how you voted in Hucknall and Newstead in 2017.

Hucknall North

Ben Bradley (Conservatives) 1,539

Alice Grice (Labour) 1,141

John Willmott (Hucknall First Community Forum) 282

Ray Young (UKIP) 161

James Harvey (Liberal Democrats) 89.

Conservative majority: 398

Hucknall South

Phil Rostance (Conservatives), 1,136

John Wilkinson (Labour) 1,062

Jack Holland (UKIP) 313

Trevor Locke (Hucknall First Community Forum) 196

Alex Sjoberg-Weekes (Liberal Democrats) 97.

Conservative majority: 64

Hucknall West

Kevin Rostance (Conservatives) 1,535

Joe Wakinson (Labour) 988

Stuart Bestwick (UKIP) 239

Geoff Ware (Hucknall First Community Forum) 160

Robert Charlesworth (Liberal Democrats) 54

Conservative majority: 547


Chris Barnfather (Conservatives) 2,326

Michael Smith (Labour) 648

Rhea Waters (UKIP) 179

David Watts (Liberal Democrats) 123

Rebecca Connick (Green) 115

Conservative majority: 1,678