Hucknall business must remove extra extension built without permission

A Hucknall business has been told to take down part of a controversial extension it built before full planning permission had been granted by Ashfield District Council.

Wednesday, 4th August 2021, 4:42 pm

Portland Road Family Dental Centre was originally granted planning permission for a two-storey extension.

But applicant Maboob Ahmad then submitted new plans to the council for a two and three-storey extension.

However, before permission had been granted, builders began building the new third storey, causing anger to residents on neighbouring Bolsover Street who objected to the project as the third storey overlooked their gardens and took away their privacy.

Builders have been told to remove the third storey from the extension being built at Portland Road Dental Practice. Photo: Google Earth

They also claimed what was being built was not the same as the plans submitted to the council.

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Mr Ahmad said the council had given him permission to carry on building, something the council strongly denied.

And now, the council’s planning committee has rejected the proposals for the third storey, meaning Mr Ahmad has to remove it.

Among the reasons given for the rejection were that extension, by virtue of its size and scale, impacted on the Hucknall conservation area and would have ‘an adverse effect on the living conditions of neighbouring properties’.

Officers also noted that ‘the structure (as built) does not accord with the submitted plans’.

The Dispatch has attempted to contact Mr Ahmad for comment and to ask him whether he now intends to appeal the decision or not.