Hucknall councillor's 'Star Wars set' fears over 20-metre phone mast plans for Piggins Croft Car Park

A Hucknall councillor is opposing proposals for a new 20-metre telecommunications mast in the town’s Piggins Croft Car Park as he fears the site will start ‘resembling the set of Star Wars’.

Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 12:34 pm

Coun Lee Waters (Ash Ind) says he feels there are better sites in the town for a new mast to be put.

EE Limited and Hutchinson 3G (UK) Limited want to install a telecommunications base station on the car park as part of their continued network improvement program.

The new structure would be 20 metres tall and feature six antennas, four dishes, nine equipment cabinets and and associated ancillary equipment.

Piggins Croft Car Park already has this large telecommunications mast in one corner. Photo: Google

In a letter, BeaconComm, the telecoms company acting on behalf of EE and Hutchinson 3G (UK), said: “It is imperative that support is given to the introduction of new infrastructure to allow new technology which will allow networks to be able to handle more data and connect more devices simultaneously at much faster speeds.

"This will enable places to remain competitive and will support the Government’s ambition for the UK to become a world leader in telecommunications technologies and development.

"Any perceived negative impacts will be far outweighed by the overall benefits of the scheme and the location of the apparatus on a building which already supports extensive telecommunications equipment will minimise its potential impact on the immediate environment.

But Coun Waters said: “I have written back to the telecommunication company asking for an assurance that they have done due diligence and looked seriously at more appropriate sites for a mast of this type in Hucknall.

"I have also asked for evidence that that the applicants have surveyed Hucknall for existing masts, buildings and other structures for new electronic communications capability.

"I am not confident that the equipment has been sympathetically designed and camouflaged or that on planning laws on minimum distances between new electronic communications development and existing development have been followed within the law.

“I also have concerns that Piggin’s Croft Car Park will start resembling the set of Star Wars.

"And with plans to cite the new health centre there, I believe that this is in the wrong place and feel that the applicants should go back to the drawing board.

"It is for these, and other reasons, why we can’t support this application in its current form.”