Nigel Farage joins hundreds of Nottinghamshire residents on 'Brexit Betrayal' march

As the Brexit 'march to leave' arrives in Nottinghamshire today (March 23), hundreds of Notts residents gathered in Linby to show their support.

Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 11:56 am
Updated Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 12:13 pm
David and Wendy Bailey

Nigel Farage has re-joined on day eight of the march - the MEPs first outing since his announcement he would be taking over as leader of the newly established Brexit Party.

He said: "This march will be one of two things - a great big party and celebration, or a protest at the betrayal of the greatest ever democratic result that has been achieved in the country, and it has turned out to be the latter.

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Nigel Farage arrives in Nottinghamshire for Brexit March To Leave
David and Wendy Bailey

"Mansfield epitomises those Midlands and Northern towns where peoples thoughts and attitudes are not 160 miles away from London, but 5,000 miles away.

"It's places like this that gave us the leave vote and, London just don't get it, they patronise and condescend, and genuinely think people in Mansfield are thick.

"Are we to become an independent country, which is what the Brexit voters wanted, or are we going to be walked all over by a post democratic regime?

Clayton Bingley

Jonathan Bullock, Brexit MEP for the East Midlands said the march was 'important' to reiterate the message that over 17 million people voted for in 2016.

He said: "It is important that we get the message over that 17 million people voted to leave.

"We were told we would be out [of the EU] by the PM, who promised this 108 times in the House of Commons, and now gone for extension.

Josh Spencer

"We must get the message over that we want to leave, and we must leave next week."

"I am afraid the Prime Minister has lied so many times that no one can believe a word she says."

Josh Spencer, 24, a core marcher on the event, said: "I started campaigning for Brexit four years ago when I helped the Conservatives get into power in 2015, on the promise that we get a referendum.

"Brexit is about people's freedoms and not being tied down to the elite in Brussels who want to take everything away from us.

"It's clear what their ambitions are as they are honest about wanting a United States of Europe and we don't want to be part of that.

"This march isn't about Bexit, it is about the principles of democracy and making sure the referendum is fulfilled.

"No deal we could ever get from the EU is better than people's own sovereignty to do as we please as a nation"

Clayton Bingley, 32, travelled all the way from Pontefract for the march.

He said: "It has got to a point where we need to actually say what we think of Brexit.

"We voted to leave nearly three years ago and we should be leaving on Friday, and the people need to take a stand and show parliament it isn't doing its job properly."

David Bailey, 67, from Mansfield, said: "It's high time we actually left without a deal, it has gone on long enough.

"Britain needs to be back as a sovereign nation not dictated to by the EU.

"We are here to make our voices heard, represent those who can't be here, and say we should leave with no deal on Friday."

Wendy Bailey, 64, from Mansfield, said: "What I want to know is why the UK is offering 800,000 jobs out to the EU but they are not advertising them or keeping them in the UK - they are selling us out and not telling the ordinary people anything.

"I've lived in the area for my whole life and Mansfield and Ashfield were once well-off industrial towns, but being in the EU has taken all of our industry from us."

Graham Lanes, 65, from Bestwood, said: "More than 17 million people voted to leave the EU and the elitists in Parliament promised to fulfil the wishes of the referendum - they lied.

"We have had three years of dilly dallying and its time we left on WTO terms and just got on with it.

"Talk that it will make us poorer is just scaremongering.

"David Cameron has kept his promise and said he would keep out of it, but I don't understand why Tony Blair keeps getting involved.

"He is just another elitist trying to protect his own interests"

Self professed patriot, Pete Pearson, 64, said: "I voted to leave and was one of the people who actually campaigned for it, I'm a patriot and I want to stick up for individual sovereignty.

"We voted out because we don't want foreigners dictating our laws - we never voted for that in the 70s and we have been sold down the river ever since.

"I'm half German so I know a lot about the EU and I think the EU is just the Nazis in another form, they're trying to make us relinquish sovereignty while taking over how we think and how we act."