Nottingham councillors to call on Government to shoulder the burden of social care funding

Nottingham City councillors will express their disappointment with the Government’s response to the social care crisis and press it for a fair funding system for social care that does not involve further council tax rises at a full council meeting today (Monday).

Monday, 10th January 2022, 10:30 am

Proposing the motion, Coun Graham Chapman (Lab) is expected to say: “The amount of additional funding, both in the short and long term, will not ‘fix the problem’.

"The Government continues to rely on regressive council tax increases to plug gaps and there is no long-term strategy for training, recruitment, sustainable wage growth, or professionalising the sector service which struggling to recruit.

"This results in further pressure on the NHS as social care is less able to prevent admission and the support that people need in order for them to leave hospital safely and promptly – or prevent admission – is in short supply.

Nottingham City councillors will call for more Government support for social care today

“The Government needs to provide a better solution than the piecemeal policy it has just announced. It needs to be properly funded, comprehensive, if necessary, via a levy on wealth of those who can afford it to ensure that there is no further call on council tax payers, many of whom are already struggling.

"Not doing so is just adding more pressure and costs on the NHS as well as offering an inadequate service to some of the most vulnerable in our community. “In 2015 the Government introduced the adult social care precept which put up to an additional three per cent on council tax bills to pay for social care services for adults.

In the last two years alone that has meant an extra £89 on council tax bills in Nottingham.

This comes at the same time as funding from central government to meet the needs of Nottingham people has been cut by £100 million over 10 years,

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Coun Adelle Williams (Lab) portfolio holder for adults and health, said: “It isn’t only that Government funding for adult social care just isn’t enough – it’s also the way it is done in a piecemeal short-term announcement designed to sound like significant funding but actually falling well short of the sustainable long-term plan that Labour has called for, along with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Care and, it seems, virtually everyone but the Government.

"It’s also important that we don’t just focus on protecting the assets of wealthy homeowners.

"Few people in Nottingham will benefit and many will lose out from the changes to the new asset rules that are to be funded by the new levy on National insurance – but nearly all of us will pay for it.

"It will also do nothing to support the availability of care, the pay that carers get or the quality of the service.

“Instead of a real plan to build the social care system we need for the 21st century, we have another inadequate sticking plaster that the wrong people are paying too much for.

"I hope this motion today will help put pressure on the Government for a fair and sustainable solution to adult social care funding.”