Hucknall road safety issues in the spotlight as councillor pays tribute to tragic accident victim

A Hucknall county coucillor used a speech at a full council meeting to pay tribute to a local mother, who died in tragic road accident on Annesley Road last November.

Friday, 21st January 2022, 1:33 pm

Coun John Wilmottt (Ash Ind), who represents Hucknall North at both County Hall and Ashfield District Council, was speaking during a debate about road safety and welcomed a feasibility study into reducing the speed limit 20mph on all residential roads in the county.

He said, “The accident on Annesley Road in November was tragic.

"It’s quite right that road safety should be a priority and I welcome a feasibility study into reducing the speed limits in residential areas.

Coun John Wilmott wants to see more done to improve road safety in Hucknall

"A fitting tribute would be to ensure that our roads in Hucknall become safer and no other families are so severely impacted.”

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Tributes paid to loving mother killed in Hucknall road crash

“If there is one subject that keeps occurring time after time after time it’s the issue of speeding cars in and around roads across Hucknall.

"There have been many serious accidents and now – although we prayed it would never happen – a fatality has as taken place in the area I represent.

"I now have requests from constituents that six roads in Hucknall are monitored for speeding as a matter of urgency.

“Now something has to be done and we can start with a speed limit of 20mph on our residential roads, outside of schools and near where children are playing.

"This has to be taken seriously.

"The health and safety of our residents is of prime importance so it is important that the transport and environment committee discuss this problem at length and of course any other measures that might be beneficial that would lead to roads in places like Hucknall becoming safer.”

Speaking after the meeting, Coun Wilmott added: “Whilst I am pleased that the county council is taking steps to make our roads safer, it’s disappointing that several councillors voted against our call for the police to put more resources into traffic enforcement.

"Road safety is a huge issue in Hucknall and the county council needs to work hand in hand with the police to reduce accidents.

"It’s time Hucknall’s roads and our many estates were stopped being used as racetracks.”