Pollution still baffles EA experts

Pollution at the fishing lakes in Bulwell Hall Park
Pollution at the fishing lakes in Bulwell Hall Park

Mysterious pollution which has turned streams in Bulwell Hall Park cloudy has spread to the fishing lakes, sparking fears for the welfare of wildlife.

Experts are still baffled by the source of the discolouration, which they say contains traces of titanium.

Two weeks ago reader Tony Summers contacted the Dispatch to say the streams in the park had turned grey.

This week he said: “The discoloured water has now entered the first lake, covering the foliage and bottom with white just like it did the stones in the stream.

“How likely is it that the insides of fish, swans, ducks, and moorhens that are in the water will be lined with white, and what effect will this have on them?”

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “Titanium, which is commonly used as titanium dioxide in many products including toothpaste, paint or even food to provide the product with a bright white colour.

“This could possibly explain the milky white colour that has been seen, but we will reserve judgement until we have all of the results.

“We are still trying to trace the source, which has been made more difficult as the pollution seems to appear in intermittent bursts, but we will continue to investigate and have been in touch with local businesses some of whom are carrying out their own tests.”