Popular brass band release Christmas CD

AWARD-winning Newstead Brass Band are hoping they have come up with the perfect Christmas present — a CD of tracks from their popular repertoire.

The band’s players and their musical director, Duncan Beckley, spent a weekend recording pieces for the album, which will be available in early December.

They worked with Hucknall man Ben Marshall, of Direct Recording Services.

For five hours each day, the band recorded tracks designed to appeal to regular audiences and entice new admirers.

Tracks feature the band’s acclaimed soloists performing music from the charts, stage and screen, as well as a march and hymn setting.

Final track-listings and release-details will appear on the band’s website.

But the players remain busy and are preparing for a hectic Remembrance Day (Sunday November 13) when they will take part in parades in Hucknall and Kilburn, Derbyshire.

n OUR PHOTO shows the band playing at a recent engagement.