Postman suspended after 2,000 items of undelivered mail uncovered

A POSTMAN based in Bulwell is being investigated after a haul of 2,000 items of undelivered mail was discovered.

The man, who has not been named, worked from the Royal Mail delivery office on Highbury Road in the town.

He has now been suspended by the postal authorities as they continue a probe. He has not yet been arrested by the police or charged with any criminal offence.

A Royal Mail spokesman confirmed that the undelivered mail had been found in Bulwell.

The letters and parcels will be delivered in the near future to the intended customers, who will each also receive a letter of apology.

The spokesman added: “Royal Mail has a zero-tolerance approach to any dishonesty, and that stance is shared by the overwhelming majority of postmen and women who are honest and hard-working and who do all they can to protect the mail and deliver it safely.

“We will always seek to prosecute the tiny minority of people who abuse their position of trust.

“We constantly review our operation to ensure it is as robust as possible and that customers’ mail is secure.”

Nottinghamshire police said it would not become involved until Royal Mail had concluded its inquiry.