Prime Minister is trying to force Britain into a no-deal disaster

Rory Palmer MEP
Rory Palmer MEP

It is difficult to know what further political twists and turns there will be in Westminster, writes Rory Palmer MEP.

Boris Johnson’s decision to close down Parliament at this crucial time, just weeks away from a no deal Brexit, is irresponsible, dangerous and undemocratic in my view. Parliament should be working to resolve this situation.

Every day matters as a disastrous no deal on October 31 gets ever closer.

One reason why I think MPs should continue to meet is to look in detail at the Government’s secret plans for no deal.

The Government has refused to publish these plans which cover vital areas like medicine supply plans for the NHS, assessments of what no deal will mean for food supplies and prices and for industry supply chains.

I think MPs should have the chance to scrutinise the full detail of these plans and to quiz the ministers responsible.

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My own view is that no deal will be a disaster for business, public services and communities in north Notinghamshire.

This view is based on my own reading of the Government plans and economic forecasts, but most importantly the discussions I have with businesses, trade unions representing workers at key manufacturing sites and others.

Predictably and sadly, the Government’s scheme for EU nationals to secure ‘settled status’ has become chaotic, leading to real uncertainty and worry for EU citizens living and working in the UK.

I have been contacted by people concerned about their settled status applications and worried about the way the scheme is working.

If you have been affected or have concerns please get in touch urgently at

Rory Palmer is MEP for the East Midlands region, including north Nottinghamshire.