Prime Minister Theresa May was invited to Notts for campaign launch event

Theresa May with Kevin Rostance and Ben Bradley
Theresa May with Kevin Rostance and Ben Bradley

Prime Minister, Theresa May, visited Nottinghamshire for the launch of the Conservative Party’s campaign for the County Council elections on May 4.

Also among those invited to the launch were Sherwood’s MP Mark Spencer, and Ashfield District Councillors Ben Bradley, Phil Rostance and Kevin Rostance, who are also candidates in the upcoming elections.

Coun Ben Bradley said: ‘’It’s brilliant to have Mrs May here in Nottinghamshire and it just shows how big a priority this area is for her Government.

“She talked about the huge potential we have here to grow and and the opportunities that exist, but we need local Councils that can make the most of those opportunities.”

Theresa May offered a positive assessment of Nottinghamshire as a whole in her speech at the launch. She said: “This is a county of contrasts and variety, of rural and suburban villages, of market towns and manufacturing towns, of agriculture and industry, with one of our great cities at its commercial and cultural heart.

“With a rich history, and a promising future, it is like so many counties and areas across our United Kingdom. It has faced challenges and risen to them. It has seen change and adapted to it.”

Coun Bradley added: “The campaign was launched in Calverton where the Conservatives now hold four out of four positions on local Councils.”