Protect our green space

Welcome to Mansfield.
Welcome to Mansfield.

Christine Smith’s excellent “Talking Politics” article in the CHAD states that the Mansfield District is the smallest district geographically, in Nottinghamshire, and yet is the most URBAN.

She says that “the sprawl of urban bricks and concrete development” should be countered by what is important to local people - the precious natural environment - crucial to the needs of wild life.

She is right!

And Coun Philip Shields - portfolio holder for Mansfield’s environment, should now be banging on Sally Higgin’s door, demanding the overturn of the Lindhurst Development Plans which laugh in the face of every sentiment expressed in the articles.

If Mansfield is urban now, just wait until the last agricultural land in Mansfield is covered in bricks and mortar.

The only people who will benefit at the expense of wildlife will be the landowners.

Neil Smith


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