Public transport gripes

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THE Trent Barton ‘Connect’ buses which run through Hucknall do not always live up to their names, it was claimed at a meeting of the town’s Reach Out Residents group.

One local said that one day recently she had arrived by tram at the Hucknall town-centre stop and intended to catch a ‘Connect’ bus which was standing next to the track.

But to her dismay the bus drove off just as she had got off the tram.

A claim was made that the same thing sometimes happened the other way, with the tram moving off when a bus pulled up.

While taking into account a need to adhere as much as possible to set times, the group has called for the two public transport systems to be better co-ordinated.

COMPLAINTS have been made that a light on the platform of Bulwell railway station is not working.

Passengers say the light is important because it is close to the timetable display board for Robin Hood trains.

A pensioner said: “Without the light, it is quite impossible to read the timetable during the dark hours.

“It is hard enough to do so at the best of times because the print is very small.”

An East Midlands Railways spokesman said he would look into getting the light back on as soon as possible.