Pupils’ tribute to new headteacher

Pupils at Hucknall’s Edgewood Primary school decided multiple heads were better than one when they dressed up in celebration of their headteacher’s success.

Moustaches and bald card cut-outs were out in force in honour of Ed Seeley, after his temporary role as head of school was made permanent on January 20th.

The school became a joyous hall of mirrors as excited children opted to flatter with immitation, painting their upper lips and pulling on suits to emulate their headteacher and show their delight that he’ll be at the school to stay.

Thrilled to see his position cemented, Mr Seeley - who joined the school as deputy headteacher in September 2011 - said he was honoured and humbled by his students’ flattering antics.

“It was a total surprise walking into work on Friday and coming face to face with myself,” he said. “There were some interesting costumes and interpretations and it was clear that staff, parents and children had gone all out to make it a fabulous day.

“What really stood out was the time put into organising the whole thing in secret, and the tremendous efforts everyone had gone to. I really was very impressed.”

Celebrations continued throughout the day with a ‘Seeley special’ lunchtime menu featuring all the headteacher’s culinery favourites, including fish and chips and a biscuit pudding.

Morning assembly took on a celebratory twist, with a special certificate presentation followed by a photo shoot.

“It was all quite surreal,” Mr Seeley added. “Humbling and very moving. We all enjoyed it very much had a wonderful and memorable day.”

But despite amassing a loyal band of look-alikes, Mr Seeley has made much

more than just a fashion statement at Edgewood Primary.

Since becoming temporary head of school in November 2011, with Julie Wardle as executive headteacher, he has helped pull the struggling primary out of special measures and is delighted with its continued progress.

The school is now advancing well in all areas. Teaching standards in the summer were at 67 per cent ‘good or better’ - a figure which has risen to an impressive 86 per cent continues to improve.

“We came out of special measures last July are constantly improving,” said Mr

Seeley. “Our outstanding teaching is im

proving along with the children’s achievement which is very pleasing indeed.”

“We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved to date and will keep up the good work as we strive to make our school the best in Hucknall.”

as we strive to make our school the best in Hucknall.