PURR-fect way to protect beloved cats

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RESIDENTS in Hucknall and the rest of Ashfield are being urged to microchip their pets after it was revealed that the number of stray cats being spotted on the streets.

Officials at Ashfield District Council say the number of stray cats reported in the district is steadily growing and add that the problem could be solved if residents had their prized pets fitted with microchips.

The tiny chips are inserted under the skin on the animals and carry details of the owner and the address at which the pet lives.

The chip can be scanned by, for example, an RSPCA inspector or dog warden, and the animal returned to its owners.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “Whereas collars and tags can be removed from the cat, a microchip is permanent and hidden under the skin.

“This will greatly improve the chances of the cat being reunited with its owner if found.”

Microchipping is painless for the cat and chips are inserted by registered vets.

A pet has its own code and can be reunited with its owner if it is lost.

Cats can be microchipped for around £20 at most vets, while the council is also offering a similar service for dogs at a reduced rate of £15. The RSPCA recommends that many animals are chipped.

n OUR PHOTO shows a happy cat that was returned to its owner by virtue of having been fitted with a microchip