Quake fundraising inspired by Japanese woman

HOPE FOR HER HOMELAND -- Miwako Tilcock outside the Hope Charitique shop in Hucknall
HOPE FOR HER HOMELAND -- Miwako Tilcock outside the Hope Charitique shop in Hucknall
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A JAPANESE woman living in Hucknall has inspired a charity shop to raise money for those hit by the recent earthquake in her homeland.

Miwako Tilcock is married to Richard Tilcock and the couple live on Griffiths Way in the town.

They met seven years ago in Japan and have been in Hucknall for three-and-a-half years.

But Miwako (47) was left devastated when news broke of the massive tremor and resultant tsunami that destroyed parts of Japan on Friday March 11.

She watched heartbreaking images on television and the Internet of homes and vehicles being swept away as ten-metre waves crashed through the landscape, leaving thousands dead.

Thankfully her own family, who still live in Japan, were unharmed as they live on the opposite coast to the epicentre of the earthquake.

But she was desperate to do something to help her country.

That’s where the Hope Charitique charity shop on High Street stepped in. For Miwako volunteers there every Monday.

During a recent charity fashion show at the John Godber Centre by Hope Charitique, a collection was held, which raised £130.

Miwako was there and wore a traditional Japanese kimono.

Now a collection box is permanently stationed at the shop for customers to leave donations.

Miwako, who is studying English at New College Nottingham’s Bath Street site in the city centre, was a pre-school teacher in Japan.

She said: “I am very thankful to everyone. I have friends who know people who have been affected by the earthquake. It is very upsetting.

“I like living in Hucknall and everyone has been very kind.”

Hope Charitique was launched last year and mainly sustains the work of the Crossroads Church, which is based in the community hall at St John’s Church on Nottingham Road, Hucknall. But it also supports other projects.

Sabra Pickering, pastor at the Crossroads Church, said: “We wanted to help Miwako raise some money for her fellow Japanese who have been hit by this terrible tragedy.

“It might not be a huge amount, but everything helps. It also shows that we are giving our support.

“I know the earthquake is not headline news any more, but people are still struggling and will for a long time to come.”