Railway reunion dinner brings festive nostalgia

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REMINISCENCE and nostalgia was the focus of a reunion party of former railway workers from Annesley.

The group, pictured, came together for a festive meal and catch up at Hucknall’s Broomhill Inn.

Annesley Yard and Locomotive Depot closed in 1965 as a result of the Beeching cuts announced by the Conservative government at the time, forcing many of the workers elsewhere or to accept redundancy.

But the group of ex-employees have kept in touch over the years through the commitment of Chris Ward.

It was six years ago when the first reunion was held after Chris set it up and it proved so popular the group now meet once in the summer and again at Christmas.

“Chris, who was a former locomotive fireman, first arranged it through his website which is well worth a visit for anyone interested in our local industrial past,” explained Denis Parker, of Turner Street, Hucknall. “It is truly wonderful to meet up and reminisce of times gone by.

“At the first event we knew each other’s faces but couldn’t remember names which wasn’t a surprise as so many years had passed.”

Annesley station was part of the Great Central Railway network that once ran through Hucknall and Bulwell as part of the journey between Manchester and London and stopped at Nottingham Victoria, Leicester Central and Aylesbury along the way.

Denis added: “I’d like to thank Chris for keeping us all connected through the reunions which we all enjoy immensely. We really appreciate his efforts and his enthusiasm.”

For more information about the Great Central Railway, visit www.annesleyfireman.com.