Rat traps no good for ‘smart’ rodents petrifying Hucknall family.

Hucknall rat infest in garden. Emma Chappell and daughters Shanay-Louise Eyre and Avayah-Rose Eyre.
Hucknall rat infest in garden. Emma Chappell and daughters Shanay-Louise Eyre and Avayah-Rose Eyre.

Rats are invading a Hucknall family’s garden, creating terror and preventing the young children from playing outside.

Emma Chappell has called on the council and environmental health for help but is being given the runaround and told she must fight the vermin alone.

But the Salterford Road resident, who rents the property from a private landlord, claims the rats are coming from her neighbour’s overgrown garden.

“It’s awful and disgusting that these rats are running around my garden and my children are too afraid to go out and play,” said Miss Chappell, whose two daughters are eight months old and three.

“The rats are coming from next door which is all overgrown and has all sorts of rubbish in the garden. I’ve told my neighbour about the situation and my partner has even offered to help her clear it if she gets a skip. But she’s just not interested.

All she did was give us some rat poison but I can’t use this as I have children and a dog.”

Despite calling various departments at Ashfield Council appealing for help, the authority has said it is Miss Chappell’s responsibility.

“I’ve just had enough as we feel like prisoners in our own home as we are petrified,” added Miss Chappell, who has lived at the address for over two years with her family. “Every day for the past couple of weeks we have seen the rats in our garden and it just makes me cringe.

“We have tried setting traps but they are so smart they are getting the food without getting caught.”

Emma says some of the rats are ‘massive’ and they don’t appear shy either as she has even caught them on camera in broad daylight.

When the Dispatch contacted Ashfield Homes, their spokesman confirmed they had received complaints about the issue from Miss Chappell and said they would look into the matter.

Tenancy services manager for Ashfield Homes, Nicky Moss, said “We received a report regarding this matter on 28th July, and I can confirm investigations are currently underway to determine the cause of the problem.

“We will also be taking the appropriate action to resolve the problem in due course. We will continue to engage with the complainant until the matter is resolved.”