Ravensdale householders ask for speed humps

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Ravensdale residents worried about speeding motorists endangering their lives are demanding action from the council.

They fear somebody will be killed before long and want speedhumps installed on Alcock Avenue as soon as possible.

Retired factory worker William Geoghegan said there had already been lots of accidents on the street.

He added: “One of my neighbours has had his car hit three times. Kids play in the street.

“All it would take is one of these young lads to come round there too fast and someone could be killed.”

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said she could not understand why Alcock Avenue did not have humps when so may others did on the estate.

“A little while ago a car came absolutely flying down the road. Then I heard a massive bang. They had hit next door’s car which then hit a wall.

“Some of the kids around here are only just walking.”

Coun Christne Smith, Mansfield District Councillor for Ravensdale, said: “As ward councillor I am here to support residents and I would fully support this call.

“Especially if it helps keep children who are playing in the area safe and prevents dangerous driving.”