READER LETTER: Be more considerate

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What a treat to have a lovely sunny blue sky day on Sunday. We enjoyed a leisurely day out and on returning home I thought it would be nice to sit out in the garden to enjoy a cuppa.

However far from the tranquil sit down I anticipated, all thoughts of peace were shattered by a squadron of paragliders passing immediately over the houses. Added to this was the sound of motor bikes racing along the bypass and finally the incessant barking of a dog in a nearby street which occurs on a regular basis on any day of the week not just on Sundays. Apart from the dog barking, paragliders and racing motor bikes tend to confine their noisy activities to weekends.

Thinking back to Sundays past, manual lawn mowers and children playing out tended to be the only sounds we would hear.

How nice it would be to turn the clock back to a time when people showed consideration to others and noise pollution was confined to working


J. Sharp

Ullswater Drive, Hucknall