READER LETTER: Bin full of maggots

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In response to your article ‘Smaller Red Bins, General Waste Bins’, it’s about time Ashfield District Council revisited changes to the bin collections and not just because of the EU result!

Lets get back to weekly collections because it is becoming a serious health hazard.

I have lived on Titchfield Street in Hucknall for the last 42 years and last week when we came to put our bin out for collection it was full of maggots for the first time in all of these 42 years.

The smell that came from the bin was also disgusting and makes you heave when you lift the lid to put in your waste. The bins are far too small and get far too full and compact to last for a fortnight so the sooner we get back to weekly collections the better.

I do not usually agree with councillor Zadrozny but on this occasion I am 100 percent behind him because after all who wants a bin full of maggots!


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