READER LETTER: Campaign - Thank you

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Campaigning group The Hucknall First Community Forum along with their County Councillor John Wilmott have been campaigning long and hard on their petition to obtain a new surgery for the people of Hucknall, with 900 houses proposed at Rolls Royce, over 100 on the Hucknall Town football ground, many hundreds at the Top Wighay Farm site and at the rear of Vaughan Estate and still many more on the Papplewick Lane site and the Nottingham Road area.

The petition has almost reached 2,000 and it is only the peoples voice that has reminded the clinical commissioning group and other service providers how serious the situation is as far as the people of Hucknall are concerned.

The residents are pushing for new infrastructure to be provided including a new multi- purpose surgery with a seven day service essential, and now the news that the clinical commissioning group, the Wyburn Medical Practice and other service providers have put a seven and a half million pound bid in for a new surgery for Hucknall.

It is good news and let’s hope the government are listening to the people of Hucknall, the future growth of the town demands it, the lives of our people are very important and that is why an upgrading of the services are so important, we have not forgot the houses that Gedling Borough Council are imposing on us up to a possible 2,000 surrounding us, the 106 monies from these properties should all come to Hucknall to pay for the infrastructure that we will be requiring, and we shall not forget the possible seven million that will be going into to the coffers of the county council for the sale of the land surrounding Hucknall.

So once again a big thank you to all the residents of Hucknall who signed our petition, and we shall continue to monitor the position.

County councillor John Wilmott, representing the Hucknall first Communnity Forum.

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