READER LETTER: Commissioner - I can help the service

Community Support Officers patrol the city centre in Sheffield.
Community Support Officers patrol the city centre in Sheffield.

In reply to Gary Davies’s letter (PCSOs have a key role) in last week’s Dispatch, I would like to put the record straight on my views.

I managed PCSOs and know what a fantastic job they do day-in and day-out and how many are the bedrock of their communities.

The point was that most do not work nights and so do not share the flexibility of police officers such as having their duties altered at short notice.It is also the case that the comparative cost between the employment of police officers and PCSOs is not much different and this has to be considered when there is a variance in powers and responsibilities.

I have never mentioned that we should be going down the route of having private companies taking over police duties, In fact quite the opposite.

The fact of the matter is that I have 36 years of experience as a police officer and understand how to help make the police service in Nottinghamshire better; the current commissioner does not.

Just look, at the millions he spent on backroom office roles and interpretation costs whilst cutting neighbourhood officers and closing down police stations.

I am Hucknall born and bred. I understand the policing challenges of our area. I am not a professional politician.

The next Police and Crime Commissioner election will be a simple choice between an ex-Senior Police Officer with over three decades experience and a former Labour MP who just fancied another job.

Tony Harper

Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate - Nottinghamshire