READER LETTER: Dementia petition - System is broken

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I would like to ask for your readers’ help in improving life for many of the 14,000 people with dementia in Nottinghamshire.

We have recently carried out an investigation into homecare, which exposed the intolerable stress being placed on people with dementia, their families and carers.

We think part of the problem is training.

Our research has found that more than one in three – 38 per cent – homecare workers in the UK have no dementia training at all.

Care scandals in hospitals and care homes have been well-publicised, yet unacceptable homecare practices are widespread and happen behind closed doors, hidden from public scrutiny.

Please could I urge your readers take a few minutes to sign our petition at to call on the Government to fix a broken homecare system.

Scott Smith

Alzheimer’s Society services manager for Nottinghamshire