READER LETTER: Local plan - Support us on this issue

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In response to David K Mills’s letter in the Dispatch last week, firstly I agree with his statements totally. Reach Out Residents in Hucknall have fought tirelessly to protect the west of Hucknall from the current house building frenzy, arguing the lack of infrastructure i.e. roads, surgeries, schools etc. to no avail.

Sadly I feel the support they received from residents was abysmal. It can only be assumed that people don’t care. If that is the case then it is no good complaining now it’s too late.

I believe our local council has not listened to our concerns at all, saying it is all down to central government policy to build more homes but no infrastructure seems to be included, added to which who is going to be able to afford these homes.

I am inclined to think it would have been better to have central government themselves to choose the sites, the reason being we have a Conservative MP who would have to listen to our concerns or he would be out at the next election. Perhaps that is too simplistic a view but a desperate one as no one will listen.

Lastly there seems no shortage of landowners willing to put their land up for sale in the sure knowledge they will get planning permission to put houses on it. So you folks out there, if you have a large garden it may be worth your while selling off some of it and make yourself a bob or two.

Just one more point, will the utilities be able to cope with the enormous extra demand in Hucknall once all the housing is in.

George Wyatt