READER LETTER: Parking permits - I can see no benefit

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Re: Residents’ permit parking scheme, for Co-Operative Avenue, Albert Street, Titchfield Street, The Connery.

Like myself, you may have received a letter from VIA (in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council) dated August 17, setting out proposals for a residents’ parking scheme and the area it would cover.

Let’s bust some myths and give you some facts about what is proposed; it may help you decide what is best and save you some money and stress.

A parking permit will cost £25 for each car, it will not give you an automatic place outside your home or even on your street.

The scheme will not stop residents from other streets within area one parking on our street. Anyone with a permit living in area one, could park anywhere in area one where there is space to do so.

The number of permits sold is not limited and it is likely that many more would be sold than there are spaces available at any one time.

Permits would not apply after 6pm, when parking is generally the most difficult, or on Sundays.

Visitor permits (same cost) are limited in number. Residents on Titchfield Street are already being refused requests for visitor permits (despite facing losing their very few non-permit places) and there are reports of visitors receiving £60 penalty fines for not having a permit. There is no provision within the scheme for any works vehicles. If residents happen to have a works vehicle and normally bring it home there will be nowhere to park at all within the area.

If you change your car you will need to buy a new permit.

What you need to consider is how you would benefit from spending £25 or more on permits?

I can see no benefit for myself, or other residents so I will be returning the Notts County Council questionnaire to say that I am NOT in support of the scheme, and if you want to save yourself some money, ask you to do the same.

I do however agree that the junctions in our area need double lining which is a different urgent safety issue that I have bought to the attention of county councillors Alice Grice and John Wilkinson.

Ian Morrison

Co-Operative Avenue,