READER LETTER: Public toilets, decision is wrong one

Toilet sign
Toilet sign

What a sad story we read in the Dispatch dated January 29: Library Toilet Goes Down The Pan.

Come on ALL COUNCILLORS Ashfield, Hucknall, Notts County Council. Who on earth can take the decision not to have public toilets in Hucknall?

A vast amount of money is being put into regenerating our lovely fair town and the very basic of human needs has been turned down and ignored. We are looking forward to welcoming lots of new visitors and businesses to the town and yet we will not be able to offer the basic need of a toilet. Wow, somebody has to be barmy and it is not the Hucknall Forum. They are working very hard on our behalf with the sole objective of getting the voice of Hucknall heard.

Common sense says we need public toilets in our town centre. There are many of us, myself included that really need “to go” almost at short notice and some of do not wish to go into a pub or shop just to use the toilet. I can’t believe that shop keepers want to open their doors for toilet visits to non customers either. Come on Hucknall. The fight goes on, we must have public toilets in our regenerated new town layout.

Ken Willows

Retired Hucknall businessman, resident and shopper