READER LETTER: Seatbelts - Don’t be the next victim


Always wear a seatbelt. In a crash you’re twice as likely to die if you don’t.

Not wearing a seatbelt can be a fatal decision even on short, familiar journeys and at low speeds.

Wear your seatbelt correctly so it can offer you the best possible protection.

Drivers and passengers aged 17 to 34 have the lowest seatbelt-wearing rates combined with the highest accident rate.

There is evidence that people are less likely to use seatbelts on short or familiar journeys- this puts them at serious risk of injury in a crash.

Drivers and passengers who fail to wear seatbelts in the front and back of vehicles are breaking the law.

Drivers caught without a seatbelt face on the spot fines of £100 . If prosecuted the maximum fine is £500.

You have to remember many drivers sustain fatal injuries when he crashes without wearing a seatbelt, even if the car is travelling within the speed limit.

See some of the terrible accidents through a crash simulator on the Think campaign.

Please do not be the next victim and make sure your child is secure in a childs seat at all times.

County Councillor John Wilmott

Representing The Hucknall First Community Forum