READER LETTER: Swimming pool - No desire to close it

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As local Hucknall county councillors, we wanted to respond to the scare-mongering of MP, Mark Spencer, about the alleged threat to Edgewood Leisure Centre.

As a former county councillor, Mr Spencer should know that Edgewood is part of a joint-use agreement between Nottinghamshire County Council, Ashfield District Council and the school.

As such, even if there was an attempt to close the swimming pool, it would require the agreement of NCC, would require a two year notice period and would have to face the opposition of both Labour county councillors. It is not in the power of Ashfield to close the swimming pool.

What is worse is Mr Spencer’s attempt to match the ADC consultation with the investment of the county council in supporting the new ADC bin scheme which will save money for council-tax payers.

Either Mr Spencer is playing party politics with the concerns of local people or is even more out of touch that we feared.

The important point of this is that, whatever ADC may wish to happen to Edgewood Leisure Centre, there is no desire on the part of NCC to close it and any such attempt by anyone would be vigorously opposed by Hucknall’s Labour councillors.

Councillor John Wilkinson Councillor Alice Grice

NCC Councillors for Hucknall