READER LETTER: Walk-in centre - Big chance to help town

I have just read the piece about turning the old college building into a walk-in centre.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 28th February 2016, 6:30 pm
Exterior pictures of NCN Hucknall College at Hucknall, to go with closure story NHUD 3-9-15 College, NCN Hucknall Collge exteriors (1 to 4)

I have been part of the fight for better facilities for over the last 10 years. but over the last year, due to ill health, have not been around to keep this up.

Hucknall was one of three places up for the chance to get a walk-in centre years ago.

At the time Morrisons was told to close the Hucknall store. This was the only place in Hucknall that could be used for a walk-in centre, so Hucknall was never in the running and the NHS knew this and probably knew Wilko had got the place anyway.

Hucknall was given a new front area to Curtis Street as a second prize.

Since then, myself and others have been fighting to get more doctors and better facilities for all of Hucknall, not just in the middle, as not all people have cars.

We have been told time and time again that they care about our needs, but nothing is ever done.

We are part of Ashfield, but we are not part of Ashfield when it comes to this. We are being given new houses from Ashfield,and Gedling, but nothing is ever done to help the people of Hucknall,just talk.

So I say to them: support the Hucknall walk-in centre.

It is about time they give Hucknall what it needs, not what they want to give us.

You have chance to do something right for Hucknall – do not miss it.

Jim Radburn

Chairman of Carers In Hucknall