Record-breaking swimmer completes latest challenge

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INTREPID swimmer Adam Walker, who trains in Hucknall, has done it again — successfully completing the fourth leg of the gruelling Ocean 7 Challenge.

The record-breaking 33-year-old from Huthwaite, who trains at Hucknall Leisure Centre, pushed his way through the pain barrier to finish the energy-sapping 21-mile swim of the Catalina Channel, Los Angeles, in an impressive 12 hours and 15 minutes.

Speaking after the swim, which took place off the east coast of the USA, delighted Adam said: “It was very tough. It took me to the edge of my limits but failing was not an option for me.

“The swim started at midnight and I was repeatedly sick for the next three and a half hours. I felt completely drained of energy after four-and-a-half hours and hit a huge wall.

“But, after five hours, I was over half way across and I told myself I had been tired like this before and pressed on.”

Adventurous Adam has already swum the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar and Hawaii’s treacherous Molokai Straits, which made him the first British person to cross that body of water.

There have been incidents in many of the challenges so far, including being stung by a Portuguese man of war jellyfish and this latest swim wasn’t without its dramas.

Adam explained: “I was stung several times, including in my face, by jellyfish I believe. I also had some seals follow me behind at some points — but where there are seals there are sharks!

“The pilot said it was almost guaranteed that great white sharks would be within half a mile of us. A man died of a shark attack not far from me three days before.

“With more than three miles to go my left shoulder started to pack in and the temperature dropped to 17 degree celsius, which was expected but instantly gave me the shivers.

“I also think I was cold throughout due to being repeatedly sick and having no warm drinks in my body.

“I had the fire service follow me in for the last three miles to encourage me, which was great.

“The worst part of the swim was how I was constantly sick from the disorientation in the dark.

“My left shoulder was also getting so sore it meant I was basically swimming with one arm for the last four hours.”

Adam now needs to swim Japan’s Tsugaru Strait, the Cook Strait in New Zealand and the Irish Channel to become the first British swimmer in history to complete the Ocean 7 Challenge. Adam has reeceived support from his employer, Indesit.

OUR PHOTO shows Adam during his swim with the fire service supporting in the background.