Recycle your cooking oil!

Cooking oil recycling
Cooking oil recycling

A GENERATION gap exists when it comes to recycling used cooking-oil in Hucknall, the Dispatch can reveal.

The liquid is a valuable resource that can be used to create eco-friendly electricity and heat.

But although there is a specialist recycling tank for cooking oil at the Hucknall waste centre on Wigwam Lane, many residents are just pouring it down the sink, which causes damage to drains and watercourses.

What’s more, according to research, the main villains are those aged between 18 and 44. Just 4% of this bracket recycle cooking oil.

However those aged 44 and over are twice as likely to make a trip to the tip so their oil can be re-used, the research reveals.

The disparity is revealed in a YouGov poll.