Recycling value leads to new shop venture for Kirkby lady in Bulwell

Deb Woods in her Bulwell TART (Totally Awsome Rammel and Tat) warehouse.
Deb Woods in her Bulwell TART (Totally Awsome Rammel and Tat) warehouse.

THE wartime saying, ‘Make do and mend’, has been adopted as the motto of Deb Woods in a new business she has launched in Bulwell.

The firm, housed in a unit at the end of Shipstones Yard off Main Street, has been given the tongue-in-cheek name of TOTALLY AWESOME RAMMEL AND TAT -- TART for short.

Deb (46), who lives at Kirkby-in-Ashfield, prides herself on being resourceful and she is a strong believer in the value of recycling. “If something is broken, I will mend it,” she says.

She specialises in giving a new lease of life to things which people throw out.

One example is a mannequin, apparently damaged beyond repair, which Deb came across when it was dumped in a skip.

She asked the astonished owner if she could have the dummy and she has now restored it as good as new. She has even retrieved and recycled items she has found thrown into ditches.

Deb has even preserved heating in her unit with a do-it-yourself form of insulation -- stapling binliners all over the ceiling!

A wide variety of items to be seen on Deb’s premises range from vintage jeans to a pair of huge globe chairs from the 1970s.

Deb stresses that while recycling plays a key part in the goods she deals in, she wil not sell anything unless she is satisfied that it is of good quality.

She advertises on Facebook and the Gumtree website but much prefers making face-to-face contact with customers.

Items of particular interest include to be seen in the unit include an old Singer sewing machine, which has been bought by a woman in Portsmouth.

Deb says some objects can be made beautiful by simple decoupage -- decorating surfaces with paper cut-outs.

She has shown that clothes can be hung on a CD rack if it is turned upside down. “It is not rocket science -- just using your imagination,” she points out.

Deb says she would like to organise an auction of artworks and other items which the public may want to bring to her.

She formerly ran a scrapyard on Wigwam Lane, Hucknall for six years and while there she carried out concreting of the yard. She has also run stalls on Hucknall, Sutton-in-Ashfield and Chesterfield.

Deb’s husband, Karl, and business partner, David Gray, are also involved in running TART and they have another unit on the same site which deals in tyres.

If the firm successfully expands, new jobs may be created. Deb can be contacted on 0115 9750333.