Regeneration experts to drive scheme to create 800 jobs

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GROUND-breaking plans to create up to 800 new jobs as part of a huge development on the Rolls-Royce site (pictured) in Hucknall have taken a big step forward.

For aero-engine giant Rolls has chosen nationwide regeneration specialist Muse as its development partner.

The scheme will see huge swathes of Hucknall Aerodrome, off Watnall Road, developed in a scheme comprising factories, industrial units and up to 800 new homes.

The landmark project was disclosed in a Dispatch front-page exclusive earlier this year.

It is estimated that the cost of the first phase of the scheme will be £27 million, with European funding providing £7.5 million and the rest funded by Rolls.

Muse will be responsible for driving the scheme forward and will also take the lead in the planning process.

Dan Needham, Muse’s regional director, said: “This represents an outstanding opportunity for Muse to build on our previous successful relationship with Rolls-Royce.

“We aim to deliver a high-quality business park and a new residential community to Hucknall.

“This project has the potential to become one of the success stories for the East Midlands in the coming years, bringing many new jobs, new business and new houses to Hucknall.”

It is likely that the scheme will be subject to a series of planning applications.

The first, which is expected to be submitted to Ashfield District Council in late summer, will focus on a new access road, which could be off Hucknall bypass and would potentially affect woodland in Bulwell. The second application would be for the industrial units.

A third application for the housing would be the final part of the scheme and will probably be made in conjunction with a housing developer.

In total, the massive initiative will involve 67 acres for the business park and up to 81 acres for housing.

As part of the scheme, a management programme would be put in place for approximately 130 acres of Green Belt land.

It is hoped the the first phase of the development will be delivered by 2014.

Rolls-Royce is still Hucknall’s biggest employer with 800 staff at its plant off Watnall Road. The main business is manufacturing aero-engine parts.

Muse is one of the country’s leading names in urban regeneration and has bases in Leeds, Manchester, London, and Glasgow.