Reopen the mineral line says coun

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Plans to bring HS2 to Ashfield are gathering support from the community after councillors took the case for the line to bypass the area’s villages to a public consultation.

Pinxton coun Paul Wilson and Selston county coun Gail Turner have led calls for Ashfield’s villages to benefit from the high speed railway which will connect the UK’s cities.

Parish coun Paul Wilson said he is campaigning to reopen the mineral line and install stations in Pinxton and nearby villages to give the area some benefit of HS2.

He said: “Gail and I are both supporting this quest to reopen train services on the mineral line. It did use to be a passenger line before closure by Beeching in the 1960s. Pinxton used to have two stations. We are wanting platforms at Pinxton and New Selston and if possible one at either Pye Bridge or Jacksdale. It would be great to get this to happen especially for Pinxton as our 331 bus service to Nottingham has almost stopped now.”

The mineral line joins the Robin Hood Line and the Liverpool to Norwich Line together.

The councillors have argued that the reopening of the line will open up lots of destinations Ashfield.

Diane Chadburn, of Kirkby Lane, Langton lives directly on the preferred route and may see her house knocked down if plans go ahead. She said: “It is a small community and it is a shame that this whole cluster of houses will be demolished for this train line.”